25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Hi friends! I’ve seen a bunch of people lately sharing posts titled, “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” They’re so much fun to read! I like getting to know people a little better. Some things people share, can be a little strange, but that’s what makes it interesting, right? As we’re nearing the end of the year, I thought I’d share my own 25 things. To be honest, I’m a little nervous about it. I’m just a regular person with regular quirks! It may not be that fascinating. To be honest, coming up with 25 Things was a challenge At first, I couldn’t think of anything, and I tried not to add things that were simple like “My favorite color is…” or “I love Disneyland and Coffee.” I figured you already knew most of the basics. Just in case you don’t, my favorite colors are green and purple. The Disneyland and coffee thing, I hope you already knew.

Ready for the big list? Ok! Here we go… 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I am dyslexic. I have to think about left and right, the letter b vs the letter d, and which way to write the number 3, but I can read words written upside down and backwards very easily.

2. I am an ordained minister. If you need someone to officiate a wedding, I’m your girl!

3. I am an avid reader. If I get involved in a book, I tend to let everything else slide until I’ve finished the book. It’s not unusual for me to finish a book in a day. My favorite series is “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. I’ve read the entire series nine times. Plus, is a Scottish hunk in a kilt really a bad thing to read about over and over again? Answer: No! *wink* Oh! Bonus quirk: If I know a book is part of a series, I have to read the series in order.

4. I hate split pea soup, lima beans and quinoa. There. I said it. Straight up, it’s a texture thing. Plus, Ewww!

5. I know American Sign Language and in college studied to be a teacher/interpreter for the deaf.

6. My guilty pleasure cereal is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. Guilty pleasure candy: Reese Peanut Butter Sticks. Guilty pleasure (store bought) cookie: Little Debbie Nutty Buddys. Do you see a theme here? ;-) Thankfully, I idon’t have any of them very often.

7. I adore Fairie Gardens! So much imagination in creating those little, happy spaces. One day I’ll make my own.

8. I love musical theatre and performed in choirs, community/school plays and musicals from kindergarten through college. Music makes me happy! An empty stage is a magical thing! So full of endless possibilities!

9. I’ve had four miscarriages. Nothing hurts more than losing a baby. On the upside, I have three beautiful grown children whom I love with all my heart! And let us not forget, my extra adorable grandchildren (Mini Sous and Mini Two!). I am blessed!

10. Major MAJOR Pet Peeve: People who use the “royal we” in general conversation. Ex: When a server asks, “Have we made a decision on the menu yet?” Or someone questions: “Have we heard from so-and-so today?” “Are we upset?” in a condescending tone… Makes me scratch-your-eyes-out-crazy!

11. I love cute office supplies – pretty notebooks, journals, paper, pencils, post-it-notes, stationary, matching envelopes, unique pushpins, shaped paper clips… It’s a sickness, really. It’s not unusual for me to have at least a dozen pens or pencils in my purse.

12. The clocks in my car and in my bedroom are set 10 minutes fast. I need them set ahead so I will be on time! Procrastination is a problem. I teasingly tell my family I will be late to my own funeral.

13. Spiders freak me out.

14. If our grocery list is messy or more than one person has written on it, I have to re-write it before I go shopping. So basically, every week.

15. I can never remember how to spell the number 15. (Fifteen – I had to Google it to be sure) I will avoid writing it out if at all possible.

16. My ultimate dream vacation(s) would be exploring Ireland (Really, all the Celtic Nations) and taking a World Cruise! Of course, the control freak in me wants the cruise to be one where I could choose the itinerary and how long we stay in each port! I’d be gone for years! LOL! A girl can dream, right? My goal is to have at least one stamp in my passport before I’m 50!

17. I adore teaching and public speaking! Ask me to do a demo, teach, or talk to 5,000 people and I’m THERE!

18. On the flip side, I’m terrified of small groups. Ask me to talk with two or three people (especially extended family) and I’ll do it, it’s just waaaayyyy outside my comfort zone.

19. My favorite Christmas movie is “Muppets Christmas Carol.” We have watched it on Christmas Eve every year since it came out (that’s 24 years in case you’re interested) I can probably quote the entire thing!

20. I spent 10 years doing Middle Ages re-enactment with an international historical/educational society. I was their media officer and new member liaison. It’s also where I learned historical costuming, archery, calligraphy and grace.

21. My kitchen sink is black. True story!

22. As a child I could write equally well with both my left and right hand. In elementary school my doctor decided I should be left-handed, so they forced me to use only my left hand. I’m still bitter about it.

23. I had over 30 phone covers for my iPhone 4. Some women collect purses, I had phone covers. Lots and lots of phone covers. Now, I only have three. Darn upgrades and bigger phones with ugly choices for covers. ;-)

24. My Super Hero Power would be to read, write, speak and understand every language in the world.

25. Currency in my wallet is always organized by denomination and must face the same direction. I think that’s from years of working retail and having to do store deposits.

That’s 25 Things! Did anything on this list surprise you? Do we share any of the same quirks? Please say yes, I’m feeling vulnerable here…
What’s one thing that would surprise me about YOU? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Headshot Sara 2016

Until next time, friends, thanks for reading! Have a great day and remember to always live life deliciously!


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  1. Thank you for sharing all this cool stuff about yourself ~ you have had so many fascinating experiences and careers! I’m an avid reader too – and will zone in on a book until I finish it. Lima Beans…yuk! Spiders…eeeeeekkkk! :-)

  2. What a fun post. I loved reading it.

    I confess I have never been to a fairy garden and quite frankly I don’t even know what or where they are. Help.

    I love your choice is Super Powers, I think I would choose the same thing.

    1. Hi Cathy! A fairie garden is a tiny garden people build in terra cotta pots. They have little houses and depict scenes where a fairy might live. They are adorable! I’ll have to send you a picture! Thank you for your comments! <3

  3. Hi Sara! Happy New Year. Long time since we’ve talked. So fun to read your list. You are fun and amazing. I TOTALLY relate to the reading problem. It keeps me from picking up books unless my life is free of things that must get done. I spent an entire summer reading the Outlander series. I was in heaven. I also have my bills organized like you. Years of retail work while in college did that one to me. Or wait, let’s be honest: It’s my obsessive nature. And I LOVE all things office supplies, too!!! Hugs!!!

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you so much for leaving a comment! So glad to know I’m not alone! HA! How are you?!?! I hope everything is going well in your life! How’s school? How are your Citrus trees? I know you love office supplies too, because I treasured the stack of handmade cards you gave me. Those were gorgeous! Do you still do that? We should do lunch again soon. I’d love to catch up! HUGS!!

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