30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Hi friends!! Thanks for being here! Can I share something with you? I’m so grateful for you. Sincerely, I appreciate you. I’m humbled you chose to spend a few moments reading my blog. Thank you! Truthfully, those are words we should say (and hear) more often. Thank you. What a wonderful world we would live in, if we took the time to be grateful for all the little things, as well as the big things. You are a big part of my life, so thank you for being you and for being here to share this journey!

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

I was challenged to spend 30 days zeroing in on the positive and saying “thank you!” for what I have. A 30 Day Gratitude Challenge! I jumped at the chance! Does this mean there won’t be any food posts or recipes this month? NO! We’re all about the food! We’re just becoming more well-rounded (maybe that’s because of the food?!?) and sharing other aspects of our world.

It’s been said, if we develop an “attitude of gratitude” we are genuinely more satisfied with life. We are more joyful! We smile more. We laugh more often. We appreciate the things we have, instead of being focused on the things we think we’re missing. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I want for my life! Plus, chocolate. Can I be grateful for chocolate? And coffee?

Would you like to join me?

Here’s the list of prompts I’ll be sharing every day in November, both on Instagram and Facebook:

Nov 1: Thank you!
Nov 2: Friendship
Nov 3: Kindness
Nov 4: Someone Inspiring
Nov 5: Weather
Nov 6: Laughter
Nov 7: Keepsake
Nov 8: Today
Nov 9: Home
Nov 10: Nature
Nov 11: Technology
Nov 12: Talent
Nov 13: Smile
Nov 14: Health
Nov 15: Play
Nov 16: Family
Nov 17: Faith
Nov 18: Favorite Foods
Nov 19: Happiness
Nov 20: Cozy
Nov 21: Simplicity
Nov 22: Music
Nov 23: Tradition
Nov 24: Memories
Nov 25: Fun!
Nov 26: Animals
Nov 27: Adventure
Nov 28: Sharing
Nov 29: Colors
Nov 30: Self-Portrait

Thank you again for reading and I look forward to seeing you online! If you post or share, please use the hashtag #gratefullyimperfect so I can see the things you’re grateful for too (and maybe even repost a few!) XOXO
~ Sara

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