Avocado & Chocolate! It’s a Smoothie!

I adore avocados. I adore chocolate. Never in a million years did I think I’d put them together in a smoothie. But you know what? Blended with baby spinach and some coconut milk, it actually works. And it works well!


I would dare you to try it, but then you’ll just fall in love with the thick creamy texture, the hidden surprise of mint and those tiny chunks of chocolate that explode unexpectedly on your tongue. We can’t have that. So, I won’t dare you. Nope. Don’t even try it. Don’t add this healthy, delicious, almost dessert-like smoothie to your arsenal of “good-for-you” tools. Don’t share it with your family and friends. Who wants to be healthy AND have chocolate at the same time anyway? I mean, really?

Ok, now that you’re totally going to try this, here is what you’ll need: Organic Girls baby spinach, unsweetened coconut milk, plain greek yogurt, an avocado, fresh mint and chocolate chips.

Yep, that’s it.


I bought the family size because we’ve been going a bit smoothie crazy here. It’s a healthy win-win for us! You might want to consider it too, once you’ve tried this recipe!

Mint Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

2 cups packed Organic Girl Baby Spinach leaves
1 cup unsweetened Coconut Milk (or Soy milk, Almond milk, any milk of your choice, really)
¾ cup plain Greek yogurt
½ avocado, pit and skin removed
¼ cup fresh mint leaves
1 ½ TBLS dark chocolate chips

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend on high until it’s as thick and smooth as you like it.

If you want it a little thinner, add a bit more milk. Alternately, if you don’t have fresh mint you can substitute one drop (yes, just one!) of mint extract.

This smoothie has become one of our favorite weekday breakfasts. The yogurt and avocado give it such a luxurious feel in your mouth, you’re going to be hooked!

I’m looking forward to hearing how you DON’T share this with your family. ;-)
Stay healthy, friends!

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