Brown Baggin, MY way!

My Imperfect Kitchen lived up to it’s name today! Or should I say, the Imperfect Chef who resides in the same house as the Imperfect Kitchen lived up to her blog today! This morning began the Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge!  I dutifully packed my lunch with a half of a turkey sandwich (with a ton of veggies – YUM), a piece of string cheese, a gorgeous peach from our local farmers market, then a handful of almonds and a V-8 for my afternoon break. Somehow my turkey sandwich did not make it to work today. In my excitement to pack a lunch, my sandwich got left behind. I tell ya… it’s a good thing my head was fixed to my shoulders or I might have forgotten that too! I figure I’m just saving more money by not having to make a sandwich for lunch tomorrow!

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