Culinary Bucket List 2014

Happy New Year!!! Can you believe we’re already 5 days into 2014? I hope the rest of the year doesn’t go this quickly!

I hadn’t planned on doing a culinary bucket list for 2014. Why, you ask? After re-reading last years list (you can find it HERE) and realizing I’d only accomplished ONE thing (Sad… so very sad…) I wasn’t interested in pursuing anything new. Then, while my husband and I were on vacation last week, we were discussing resolutions (or our lack thereof) I discovered there ARE some things I’d like to do this year!

So, in no particular order, here is my Culinary Bucket List for 2014! Drum Roll please! You’ll see new things, a few things brought over from last year AND a sincere and fervent wish to accomplish more than one of the following:


1) Expand my knowledge of regional/cultural/ethnic foods and spices. There are new restaurants to try, new flavors to bring into my kitchen and a variety of methods for cooking just begging to be explored! If I can’t get a stamp in my passport this year, I’m damn well going to create a culinary passport and eat my way around the world!!

2) Plant a garden! We’ve always had yearly tomato plants (some years were successful, others, not so much) and we’ve made attempts at herbs and onions, but this year, we going ALL OUT! A raised garden in the back, potatoes in a trash can and herbs on the patio. Wish us luck!!!

3) Become a Master Canner/Food Preserver. This one might not be fair. I will be starting the Master Canner and Food Preservers program in just a few weeks! At least it will guarantee ONE goal gets accomplished! HAHA! Can’t wait to share all of this with you!!

4) Host (at least) FOUR dinner parties! Steve and I are in the process of planning dates (and themes!! SQUEEEE!) Super excited to be feeding family and friends at our house this year.

5) Meet Alton Brown and have him sign my Chicken Timer! Don’t judge! I put “Meet Guy Fieri” on my bucket list several years ago and three months later, I actually met him! It CAN happen and a girl has to dream BIG you know! ;-)

6) Eat more seafood! This one will be difficult…NOT! I love all types of shellfish, crab, salmon, trout, oysters, shrimp etc, so learning to clean it, cook it, season it and try a variety of recipes is a task I am willing to tackle. For you. Because I love you.


1) Improve basic knife skills! Chop, slice, dice, cube, filet… They’ll be videos and step-by-step instructions too! You think I’m going to do all this on my own? Ohhhh no! Saddle up friends, we’re doing this one TOGETHER!

2) Create a more homemade pantry! Making our own dressings/marinades/pickles/condiments/spice rubs etc was on the list last year and we made a few attempts, but this year we’re more serious. I’m sure the master food preservers class will help with this one too. Oooohhhh, does this mean I might check TWO things off my list?!? Go me!

3) Make Creme Brûlée!! That mini kitchen torch I got for Christmas last year is still sitting in the cabinet. It’s never been used. Time to break out that flame thrower and start using it!

So there you go! My culinary bucket list for 2014! What do you think? What are your plans for making 2014 a delicious year?

MUCH love and many blessings to each of you for a successful and DELICIOUS 2014!!

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  1. Sara,
    A Bucket List is a terrific idea. I am wickedly jealous of the Master Canner/Food Preserver class! I’d love to do that, but around here there is only Master Gardener and I think I once saw a Master Composter or something like that. Not that I don’t wish to make my compost all that it can be, but I’d rather broaden my canning horizons. Now that my spouse is back home and plowing through a half pint of salsa at one sitting, all of the jars of goodies in my pantry that seemed like a year’s worth of food back in October don’t seem like enough to get us through to July.

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