Dear North,

Back in March, I attended Expo West and was fortunate enough to meet some great companies, with fabulous new products.  One of the newer products that stood out to my seafood-loving-heart, was Dear North,Dear North Wild Salmon Bites

Dear North is a company whose owners are Alaska Natives with roots in Glacier Bay.  They have Alaska Coho Salmon Bites (similar to Salmon Jerky) and Wild-caught Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon in a jar.  OMG!  Can I just tell you right now, I came home with a sample bag of the Wild Alaska Spruce Salmon Bites and refused to share it with my family.  Stingy and selfish, maybe.  I did feel a bit like the seagulls from Finding Nemo.  Mine!  Mine!  Mine!  But, did I feel guilty about it?  No way!

Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon

A few days after returning home, I learned Dear North won the NEXTY award for Best New Product – Seafood / Meat at Expo West!  Do I know how to pick them or what?  Just kidding!  Dear North, is simply the best!  Their products are so unique and tasty.   The company motto is: “Take only what you need.  Share what is most valuable with others.  Treat each other and the land with respect.”  We should all follow that philosophy!  Dear North, treasures and celebrates what makes Alaska unique because they live there and cherish everything their ancestors taught them about that ruggedly beautiful state.  They’ll tell you, when you taste their wild-caught Alaska salmon, you experience the best Alaska has to offer, straight from their home, to yours!

Dear North Products

When more samples arrived from Dear North, the boys insisted I share.  Whatever!  Reluctantly, I gave in and we all sat down to a fun evening, snacking on Salmon Bites, talking about fishing and the all the things Alaska has to offer in terms of beauty and wildlife!  One of the best vacations my husband and I ever took, was an Alaskan Cruise for our 21st Wedding Anniversary.  That was 9 years ago, but I still remember the abundance of bald eagles we saw over the course of our time there,  flying so close  you could almost reach out and touch them!  There were mountain goats, intricate totem poles of the Native Americans and the gorgeous deep and vivid blue glaciers set against lush green mountains! We saw dolphins, bears, killer whales, and tasted the most incredible salmon and crab, caught fresh from the ice cold Alaskan waters.

Dear North Products

As we ate together, each of the boys had a cracker with each kind of Dear North’s Alaska Salmon Bites.  See!  Wasn’t that nice of me to share?  The rest of it?  Yep, we’re back to the seagulls.  Mine! Mine! Mine!

I seriously don’t think that’s how it will turn out since the whole family sampled the savory goodness of Dear North,.  I promise to share.  Plus, they know all my hiding spots!  That’s ok.  I’m happy to have healthy, satisfying snacks for them that are full of protein and nutrients.  Especially from a company whose values I admire!  Dear North is focused on organic, natural foods, so as a Mom and Grandma, I feel good about my family eating them.  As an occasional party hostess, I also feel good about sharing these unique treasures in a variety of different dishes to help create a memorable evening together with friends!

Here’s a run down of the different varieties of Dear North, Alaska Salmon Bites.  Each one is lightly smoked and infused with unique Alaska flavors!

Savory Sea Kelp & Sesame: Infused with savory tamari, subtly sweet mirin, crunchy sea kelp and sesame seeds.  Hands down, the house favorite among the Salmon Bites!  A little sweet and a little salty.  Very nice on a cracker with a bit of cream cheese.  Or straight from the bag!

Spicy Fireweed Honey: Glazed with Alaska fireweed honey, these bites have a touch of citrus, and sprinkle of spicy Cayenne Pepper.

Salted Rhubarb & Raspberry: Balanced with naturally sweet raspberries, rhubarb and a touch of spice for a tangy fruitiness in every bite!  (Hey that almost rhymes!  :-) )

Wild Alaska Spruce: These tender Coho Salmon Bites are seasoned with wild Alaska Spruce tips. They’re naturally nutrient-rich with protein and omegas. Cool and herbal at the same time and a very close second favorite to the Savory Sea Kelp & Sesame Bites.  Did I mention they are great straight from the bag?


The last product we sampled was the Smoked Sockeye Salmon.  Both boys had the same reaction.  It was almost comical.  E arrived in the kitchen first, took a sample piece straight from the jar and tasted it.  He then, picked up the jar and the fork and said “Thanks, Mom!” and started to walk back to his room.  Which, in boy speak, translates to: “This is all mine now, thanks for playing!”  After getting the ‘Mom-look-of-death’ he begrudgingly returned the jar to the counter.  Minutes later, S arrived and did the very same thing.  This is how you know it’s a winner!  Everyone wants to keep it for themselves!  Sheesh!  So much for keeping with the motto of “Sharing what is most valuable with others!”  I guess we have a bit of learning to do in that area!  Of course, I could just buy a jar for each of us and we’d all be happy little campers!

Dear North ProductsThe Smoked Sockeye salmon is wild-caught at the peak of its ocean-going lifecycle.  The fish are all caught with care and reverence.  They chill it rapidly to ensure the best flavor and texture.  After that it’s infused with fireweed nectar and lightly smoked with alder wood.  Each jar is then carefully hand-packed in reusable glass jars, based on Alaska Native traditions of preservation.  As a Master Food Preserver, I’m all about traditions of preservation and using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients!  The taste of this salmon is unforgettable!  No wonder both boys wanted the jar to themselves.

So, if you’re a seafood lover too and are looking for something unique to add to your repertoire of healthy snacks,  look no further than Dear North,!  Check out their website at: or join them on Facebook at: or follow the deliciousness on their Instagram feed at: @dearnorthak.


Disclosure:  I received samples from Dear North, but was not compensated in any other way for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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