Weigh in Wednesday – Fit by 50!

Hi friends!

It’s been two weeks since I’ve weighed in on my world. I actually had to flip my calendar back to June to see what kept me so busy that I haven’t posted! People tell me all the time “Oh, you’re always so busy” when the truth is, I spend a lot of time right here in my office chair, at home in front of my computer. That’s the life of a blogger/freelance writer. I’m not complaining! Freelance means I can work in my pajamas and don’t have to put on makeup if I don’t feel like it. However, it does offer a lot of long, lonely hours too. One thing I need to remind myself constantly is what people, myself included, share on social media, is only a tiny bit of their world. The “highlight reel” of our own reality (and the highlight reel has filters!). Can’t really blame people for thinking I’m always busy, when all they see on Instagram or Facebook are pictures of me doing stuff. Guess I should post some no make-up, pajamas at my desk pictures! HA!

Over the last few weeks, I did have a busy few days. Hence, no post! I went to a demo, was blessed to go to my favorite Farmers Market in Santa Monica, my oldest son turned 29 and I had to take my Mom and step-Dad to a Dr. appointment! Then it was Memorial Day and I had a few precious days with Mini Sous! Whew! Ok, that’s not a normal few weeks, but it was fun. Of course, I celebrated National Doughnut Day and tried to catch up on the world. In catching up, I ran across this article on how to start exercising when you’re already overweight. It’s probably the best article I’ve read on the subject!

How to start exercising when you’re already overweight!

There is a new yoga studio a few miles away and they offer a “Curvy Girls Yoga” class every day. I’m feeling like I want to check it out, but I haven’t been brave enough to go. Have any of you done Yoga before? It seems like a good way to find your center and be more disciplined, but going alone is scary. It’s on my to-do list though! Send good, happy, YOU CAN DO IT thoughts! I’ll support you too! What exercise things scare you? What have you always wanted to try, but haven’t come out of your comfort zone to do?

Then, I read this about breaking bad eating habits. All great advice! My refrigerator is cleaned out, but I need to do the pantry. That’s where the cookies and chips hide…

How to break bad eating habits!

So, why all the articles on weight-loss and eating habits? You know I struggle with weight loss and I need a goal. Lots of little goals are great and completely necessary, and I have those to build good habits (see above article!) but I need a bigger picture too! When I had a Fitbit, I was trying to lose weight to be “Fit by 50!” That’s still a perfectly obtainable goal! My 50th birthday is 89 weeks away (yes, I counted!). So, I’m going to do the little daily things, but the bigger goal is my 50th birthday! I can’t think of a better birthday gift to give myself. Having good health and being fit enough to run after both those grand babies is a tremendous motivation!

Fit by 50

So that’s my world right now! Changing habits, getting Fit by 50, getting brave enough to try a new class! How are you doing? Life treating you well? Any new success you want to share? I’d love to hear them and celebrate with you!

In other random life tidbits, who are you hoping wins the Stanley Cup? Penguins or Sharks? Personally, I’m hoping for the Pens, only because the Sharks are rivals to my Kings and they just can’t have our cup! I’ll be in front of the TV tomorrow night, watching and hoping!

Go Penguins!!

Have a blessed week! See you on social media for the pajama pictures and heavily filtered highlights!

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