Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary to My Imperfect Kitchen!  Hi friends! Six years ago this week, I started this blog.  Six years?  Wow…..  it’s been a wild and crazy adventure!

Here’s my very first post: Food Memories

I didn’t even know how to put pictures into posts when I began. I didn’t know anything about SEO (to be fair, I still don’t – someone help me!)  I didn’t know anything about canning and preserving or how to chiffonade basil.  All I wanted was to share my experiences, let folks know that it was Ok to burn toast.  Note: It’s still Ok to burn toast.  I burned a waffle this week because I left in too long.  I guess some things never change!

As I reflect on the things that have changed, the things I’ve learned, the experiences I’ve been blessed to have, I am sincerely most thankful for the people I’ve met.   Not just the celebrities (though, those have been super cool!) I’m talking about the friends I’ve made.  The fellow bloggers, food lovers, photographers, writers, teachers, shop owners, chefs, farmers, behind-the-scenes organizers and all the wonderful folks who follow this imperfect adventure have touched my life in unimaginable ways.  I am truly fortunate.

I’ve taken almost 100 cooking classes.  I’ve become a No Kid Hungry Blogger and have participated in yearly Bake Sales.  I’m now a Master Food Preserver.  I’ve been blessed to appear at local events and teach what I love.  I’ve become a food judge and have judged for numerous local, regional and national competitions.  I’ve done recipe development, recipe testing for six cookbooks, been on local cable TV, and even auditioned for several national TV shows.  (Obviously I haven’t made it or you would have known!  Oh well!  The process was amazing!)  I wrote a monthly food column for two years.  I won a National Ice Cream Contest and almost competed in the World Food Championships.  My little blog won a local media award and I’ve been able to traveled the country, attend conferences, meet farmers and big brands and been invited to places I never imagined I’d ever go!  I spent a few years doing a wonderful podcast, which I miss dearly.  Our local bloggers group has grown and changed, but they still bring a smile to my face every single day!  The daily coffee posts and interactions on Facebook have been so much fun!  It seems surreal.

Here are just a few of the people I’ve met over the years.  Some folks you may recognize, others you may not, but they are all important to me!  I’m sure there are pictures and people I’ve missed too…

So what does the next 6 years hold?  I have no idea.  Hopefully I’ll have learned not to burn waffles, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Hi Sara,
    Wow, it’s been 6 years already! Congratulations on your success! I hold my glass up & toast for many more to come. I would love to pick your brain on how you got started and where you see yourself in the next 6 years.
    The only ones I for sure recognize are Guy Fieri, Sara Moulton, Gordon Ramsey, & Jyll Everman who I helped with food prep at Williams-Sonoma before she moved back home to Green Bay.

    P.S. the Mad Hatter Tea Party might work best in the fall which gives us plenty of time to plan it.

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