Weigh in Wednesday – Inspiration!

Ok, full disclosure, I thought this Inspiration post was set to go live on Wednesday (yesterday) but because I must need stronger glasses, I had incorrectly set the publish date set for Friday! OIY! Thankfully I caught it, so you get Weigh In Wednesday on Thursday! So embarrassing…

What a wild week!

First, and most important, meet my grandson! Is he not the most perfect little thing? He was born last week!


Welcome to this big, wonderful world, handsome boy! We are so happy for our daughter and her family!


This means Mini Sous is officially a big sister! It hasn’t even been a week yet, but so far they seem to be getting along well. Those of you who are parents know these adorable photos last only a few precious moments! Blink once and they’re walking. Blink again, Kindergarten. Once more and you find yourself crying over grandchildren. GRANDCHILDREN! I’m not even 50 yet and these little people are the light of my world! Where does time go?


Aside from an early morning (3:30 a.m.) drop-off of Mini Sous and Chloe the Grandpuppy, so Mommy and Daddy could go have a baby, this week has had crazy highs, with a few, heartfelt lows. Two separate incidents dealing with being this size, reduced me to big, ugly, sobbing-alone-in-my car-tears. We won’t go into them, but I was mortified! That’s life though, right?

As much as I’d love to be happy, perky and inspired every single day, it isn’t always possible. Even with a brand new grand baby!

So, when the lows happen, or you find yourself feeling alone, where do you find inspiration to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get back to your happy? How do you put yourself back on track and move forward?

For me, there are a few people I follow on Facebook who bring me inspiration and hope.

I turn on music and sing! Bring on the Show tunes/Disney tunes or some classic Country! Those are my favorites!

I remember (or try to remember) that I’m not alone in this world and certainly NOT alone in being this size and facing the struggles of being morbidly obese. (God, that’s so hard to even type.) I’d love to tell you I reach out to other people, but I’m not there yet. I should, but I don’t. Hey… at least I’m telling you about it. Baby steps.

I look at pictures of my children and grandchildren and think how much I want to be with them, for as long as I’m allowed to be on this planet. I read, because it’s one of my favorite ways to escape.

Something else I try to remember, is to give myself time to be sad. Just not TOO much time. Depression leads to Oreos. I’m allowed to have moments of tears and shame. It’s part of the process. They are a reminder of what I’ve done to myself and my body. While I know I can’t turn back time, there is hope in making changes for the future! I don’t want to always silently search a restaurant for chairs I *hope* I will fit in (or will simply hold my weight) or praying for booths with moveable tables so I can adjust them. Honestly, it kinda sucks. But, I did this to myself so I need to fix it myself! I start again, knowing deep inside the feelings of sadness will pass! As my Mother is fond of saying “This too, shall pass!” She’s right. Give yourself time to feel the bad stuff, forgive yourself for them, learn from it and move forward!

Start over

Let’s move forward together this week! One small step. Let go of the Negative Nancy in your head and put Positive Polly to work on learning and changing. Besides, we’ve got Grandbabies who need us to play with them! That’s plenty of inspiration!

Who inspires me online?

Valorie Burton : I came across one of her books in an airport bookstore, coming home from a work conference. The book was “Successful Women Think Differently! 9 Habits to make you Happier, Healthier, and more Resilient”

At the time, my job was stressful and I wanted to be successful, happy and healthy! So, I bought Valorie’s book. Read the whole thing cover to cover on the flight home. Since then, I have gone back, highlighted paragraphs, re-read sections, subscribed to her newsletter and get her Facebook notifications on my phone. She has a lot of other books too! Seriously, a fabulous inspiration! If you are interested in learning more, follow the link above to her web-site or click on the picture to go to Amazon and get the book yourself! You won’t be sorry!

Have a wonderful week! I love you and I believe in you! Share with me some of the things you do to make your world bright and happy! I’d love to hear the things that bring you inspiration!

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