Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

Hi friends! Happy Holidays!! I’m at it again with the cookie decorating! The grandkids and I were hanging out for the afternoon, while everyone else was at work, so we thought it would be fun for to make some Reindeer Cookies.

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

These Reindeer Cookies are just like the Zombie Cookies and the Frankenstein Cookies we made at Halloween! The kids love to decorate them. Plus, you can’t go wrong with chocolate-covered, peanut butter cookies…am I right?

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

They aren’t perfect, but when you’re baking or decorating with toddlers, is perfection really necessary? We had fun! That’s what matters.

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

Start with a dozen (maybe more for snacking while you decorate) Nutter Butter Cookies. Melt the Cocoa Candy Melts according to the package directions, then carefully dip each cookie into the melted candy. Tap off the excess and set them on wax paper to dry. While the candy is still warm, add the mini pretzel twists for antlers, candy eyes and a mini M&M for the nose. The kids wanted all of them to be Rudolph, so we used red and orange M&M’s, but feel free to make brown or even blue noses for your Reindeer.

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

The final touch was using a little bit of decorating gel to make happy faces.

What do you think? It was a great way to spend the afternoon! Since the cookies are store-bought, you don’t have to heat up the oven. The kids can help assemble the toppings, then you melt the Candy in the microwave and go for it!

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

The cutest little Reindeer Cookies to ever pull Santa’s sleigh!

  • 12 Nutter Butter Cookies (plus extra for snacking!)
  • 12 oz bag Dark Cocoa Wilton Candy Melts
  • 24 Candy eyeballs
  • 24 Mini Pretzel Twists
  • 12 Mini M&M candies
  • Black decorating gel

Line a large baking sheet or workspace with parchment paper and set aside.

Place candy melts in a medium, microwave safe bowl.

Melt on 50% power for 1 minute, then stir. Return to microwave for 30 second intervals until candy is completely melted and smooth. Resting the cookies on a fork, carefully dip cookies into the candy melts and use a small spatula or spoon to coat the entire cookie with the candy melts. Tap the fork lightly against the side of the bowl to get rid of excess coating before placing the cookie on parchment paper to set. Repeat with remaining cookies.

If you are working in a cold kitchen, or this process takes too long, the candy melts will begin to harden. If this happens, simply return the bowl to the microwave for 30 seconds or more to warm them up again.

While the cookies are cooling, place the pretzel twists on one end of the cookie to create antlers. Add the candy eyes underneath and then a Mini M&M for the nose. If needed you can use a bit of extra candy melts to adhere the decorations to the cookie!

Use the black decorating gel to create smiles on your Reindeer.

Allow cookies to harden completely before serving.

Store at room temperature in an airtight container for up to three days.

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

Hmmmm… I wonder what kind of cookies we’ll make next? What are your favorite holiday cookies? Share with me in the comments below about your favorite cookies and what I should try next with the grand babies!

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