Planning a Perfect Picnic!

Hi friends! Do you remember this guy and his penchant for stealing picnic baskets? Poor Ranger Smith, always trying to keep Yogi from having the perfect picnic. Or should I say the perfect “Pic – A – Nic” basket?

Perfect Picnic

While Spring and Summer seem to be favorites for picnics, there is nothing wrong with a picnic any time during the year! You can have a picinc in the park, at the beach, in the dessert beneath a cactus or even a picnic on the living room floor in the middle of a snowstorm. No matter where your picnic, there are a few rules to follow for making it fun and simple.

To Bring:
Amazing FOOD! Because it’s all about the food!
Cupcake liners to cover glasses, use as little bowls or to catch popsicle drips!
Picnic basket or big canvas bag for toting (A basket was Yogi’s favorite!)
Cooler – use frozen water bottles or water balloons to keep things cool!
Picnic blanket – preferably waterproof on the bottom. A shower curtain is a good option to layer beneath your blanket.
Tablecloth with weights or clips – very helpful if you are in an area with picnic tables.
Picnic chairs – optional

For Serving:
Plates, utensils (including serving utensils) cups and napkins
Drinks – with plenty of water!
Bottle opener
Cutting board / Sharp knife
Seasonings and/or condiments
For Cleanup:
Paper towels
Wet wipes – always handy to have!
A few dish towels – useful to buffer and support dishes
Extra containers or zipper-top bags for packing up dirty utensils, leftovers
Trash bags
Other Essentials:
Flowers or Table decorations (optional)
Insect repellent
First Aid Kit
Sport/Activity equipment (Frisbees, balls, bubbles, water guns)

About the food…

Celebrate the setting! Make sandwiches for the park, simple salads or a variety of appetizers (wine, cheese and crackers) for a romantic picnic for two.

Choose food that travels well. Hand-held items and things easy to pack in mason jars or individual dishes are perfect!

Picnics are ideal for food on a stick! Skewer fruit pieces or meats and cheeses. Get creative! Use cookie cutters to cut pieces of food into fun shapes.

For sandwiches, choose a thick crusty bread and sturdy lettuce that will hold up to travel. If you are doing wraps, wrap tightly in plastic wrap or wax paper to keep them fresh.

Make dessert! Picnics require them. Trust me. Yogi wanted dessert as much as he wanted a sandwich. Pies made in muffin tins, brownies or cookies are best. If you’re having a birthday picnic and want cake, choose a single layer cake. It’s easier to carry and the frosting is less likely to melt.

Take all seasonings/salt & pepper in empty tic-tac containers (or use those extra fast-food sauces and condiments!)

Do your prep in advance. This way, you can enjoy the picnic too.

Keep things cool! Freeze water bottles to use as ice in your cooler and enjoy them later in the day as they thaw. Or for a family fun picnic, freeze small water balloons and when you’re done with your picnic and the balloons have thawed, have an epic water balloon battle.

The most important thing about planning your perfect picnic? Have fun!

Perfect Picnic

Perfect Picnic

Perfect Picnic

Perfect Picnic

The above pictures are from a class I taught on Planning the Perfect Picnic. On the menu were: French Bread with Bruchetta Olive Oil Dip, Fruit Skewers, Confetti Veggie Pasta Salad, Chicken Salad Spinach Wraps, and for dessert, Mocha Rum Brownie Bites! If you’re interested in those recipes, send me an Email and I’ll get them to you! ( )

The Sunday Supper Tastemakers recently had an amazing lineup of recipes for a perfect picnic too! There are great ideas here! Take a stroll through these suggestions or use your family favorites! Either way, have fun!

Best Picnic Recipes to Enjoy at the Park

Starters, Skewers, and Sandwiches al Fresco

Stow-and-Go Sides and Salads

Drinks and Desserts for Outdoor Dining

I’d love to hear about your perfect picnic! Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it!

Until next time friends! Live life deliciously!

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