Wild Oats Spaghetti and Beetballs

Most of the time, I try to bring you creative new recipes and delicious food adventures. There are days though, when I want someone else to make dinner. Tonight, my husband was gone and I’d had a very long day. I didn’t want to make dinner or pick up fast-food. What other options were there? I could have had a bowl of cereal (it wouldn’t have been the first time!) but since I was out anyway, I pulled into my local Fresh & Easy grocery store.

Fresh & Easy has plenty of options when it comes to ready-made dinners. Certainly much healthier than going to a place with a drive-thru!  After looking at all my choices, I decided on this Wild Oats Organic Spaghetti and Beetballs entrée!


Now, I know Wild Oats brand! They’ve been around since 1987, pioneering great food for people who care about what they eat and where it comes from.  They have a lot of great products!  Their Organic line has things from bread, milk, oils, vinegar, salads, snacks, spices and more!  Check out everything they offer on their website:  Wild Oats


Wild Oats is certified USDA Organic too.  That makes me feel pretty good about my choice!  I’d much rather know (and be able to pronounce) everything in my dinner.  Especially if I’m not making it.

My entrée was composed of meatless beet balls made with mushrooms, brown rice and beets, served over spaghetti and marinara sauce. You may be thinking Beetballs? Really? Let me tell you, I was skeptical at first too.  But they were great!! Just a few minutes in the microwave and my dinner was ready! It was “TOATally Tasty” just like the label says!


So next time you’re in the mood for a quick dinner you don’t want to make yourself, go for Wild Oats Spaghetti and Beet balls, or any other ready-made entrée from Wild Oats! Check out all the options at your local Fresh & Easy! Your tummy will thank you!


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  1. Tried these tonight for the first time and they were fantastic!! I actually stumbled upon your post while hunting for a dupe recipe… No luck, care to give it a go? :)

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