An Announcement!

Drum roll please! I have a very important announcement!


No, it’s not that I love baby socks – though I totally do! How can you not love the little polka dots and those cute little flowers? They are so sweet! It’s a bit like the episode from the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” when Robin takes the baby sock because… well because it’s a baby sock and they are adorable! Awww… sock!

Seems I’ve gotten distracted. Baby socks will do that to a girl! Though, the socks and the announcement do go together. Where is my drumroll? Pretend you hear a drumroll! Ready? My announcement is… there will be a pair of tiny feet filling those socks very soon! I’m going to be a Grandma!

Can you believe it? My daughter is pregnant and due in June In fact, she’s due on our 28th wedding anniversary. Talk about an exciting anniversary gift!

We are over-the-moon thrilled for her and for this new little addition to our family! It’s a girl (the flowers on the socks probably gave that away!) and I can’t wait to meet her! I want you to know though, I’ve show considerable restraint not buying every pink frilly thing I can get my hands on. Nope. The only thing I’ve bought so far, are the socks. Because they’re baby socks. And they had roses on them. And they are adorable. And I’m going to be a Grandma!!!!!!


The next few months will be filled with baby planning, probably a shower or two and then her arrival! I will keep you updated on cute baby clothes (the socks won’t be the only things I buy… trust me!) and how things are going. Stay tuned for both great food AND baby news!

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  1. I’m SO excited for you, and can I just say that you’re going to be the most adorable grandma EVER?!

    Do you want one of those fun grandma nicknames like “Nana” “Grams”, or “Gams”, or do you just want to be called “Grandma”?

    1. Awwww! You are the sweetest thing! I will probably be Oma or Omie, not Grandma. Don’t know yet! We’ll have to see what flows out of my mouth. It changes depending on my mood! LOL! I’ve got a few months to decide. What do YOU think?

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