Chocolate Covered Caramels

Do you like chocolate? Do you like caramel? What about those boxes of assorted chocolates that are always popular around the holidays? Let’s face it, those boxes are quick and easy hostess gifts. If you find yourself empty-handed, they’re simple to pick up and most everyone loves them. Plus, chocolate is its own food group so you really can’t go wrong! When I get a box of chocolates, I might search for my favorites …(which just happen to be the chocolate covered caramels!) I might break a piece or two in half, to find the ones I want. C’mon! I’m not the only one! You are nodding your head in agreement, right? Tell me I’m not alone!

Do you know you can make those delicious chocolate covered caramels yourself? It’s true! And they are much cheaper than the pre-packaged boxes. I’m all about saving my family the trouble and inconvenience of having half-broken candy pieces in our boxed chocolates. Do you see the sacrifices I’m willing to make! Yes, sacrifices! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! In 10 minutes, with just two ingredients, you can have dozens of chocolate covered caramels of your very own. You’re welcome family!

Let me show you how!

Step One: Unwrap yourself a bag of caramel candy.


Step Two: In a bowl, melt Wilton Chocolate flavored Candy Melts. For this recipe, I used light Cocoa, but dark chocolate would be delicious too!


Step Three: With a fork, dip the caramel candy squares into the melted chocolate and set on wax paper to cool and set.



Leave them plain, or decorate as desired!


What? That’s it? Yep! The candy melts harden around the caramel but the warmth from dipping the caramel will soften it just enough to make it creamy inside. How’s that for simple and sweet? Make your own delicious chocolate covered caramels to take to a holiday party, give as gifts or share with your family!


I know I said just two ingredients and it’s true! You can decorate the tops of the caramels with more chocolate to make pretty swirls. If you’re feeling creative, sprinkle jimmies on top while the candy melts are cooling! Other fun toppings are: chopped pistachios, a bit of sea salt (*swoon*) even crushed bits of leftover candy bars! (Note: I don’t know what a “leftover candy bar” is, but I guess it’s a thing. ;-) ) In the picture above, I drizzled extra chocolate over the tops of some, used pistachios, heath bar bits, jimmies and a mix of sanding sugar and sea salt. Have fun with them! Make these with your kids as teacher gifts. The possibilities are endless! And now, so is your supply of chocolate covered caramels. Enjoy!!


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