Halloween Bone Bark

Halloween Candy Bark

This Halloween I’ve found myself making several things shaped like bones or skulls… I’ve done meatloaf skulls, decorated brownies to look like graveyards with hands coming out of the graves and now, chocolate candy with skulls and bones floating in them!  What kid wouldn’t like bones floating in their candy?  Ok, maybe not. This Halloween Bone Bark does goes together very easily though and ranks right up there in the “That’s so cool!” category.

I used a Wilton Candy Mold (HWN Bones) and Wilton’s Bright White Candy Melts to make the skeleton parts.

Wilton Candy Melts Wilton Candy Molds

The best way to fill the molds, is to use a disposable piping bag and microwave the candy melts inside the bag. It takes approx 28 white discs to fill this mold – yes, I counted! Just follow the directions on the Candy Melts bag to melt the candy.  Massage the piping bag to smooth out the candy before using it.  Cut a tiny bit off the end of the piping bag and using gentle pressure, fill each section until the candy comes just to the top.  After each section is filled, lightly tap the mold on a hard surface (like your kitchen counter or a cutting board) so any bubbles that might be in the mold will rise to the top.  Refrigerate for 30 minutes or so, until the candy has hardened.  Turn the mold over and pop out the pieces by lightly flexing the tray. I’ve used this mold many times and never had a problem with the candy sticking.

Bone molds

Now you’ve got yourself a sweet pile of bones and you’re ready to decorate!

This recipe calls for 3 cups of bittersweet chocolate chips.  I used Valrhona, because that’s what I had in my pantry.  Feel free to use Ghirardelli, Hershey’s or your favorite chocolate chips. Melt the chocolate over a double boiler or even in the microwave, stirring until completely melted and smooth.

Pour the melted chocolate onto a half sheet cookie pan lined with parchment paper.  Using an offset spatula, smooth the chocolate into an even layer across the pan. Set the candy bones into the melted chocolate in random places.  Add additional pieces of candy as you see fit.  I used candy corn, a variety of M&M’s (both plain and peanut!) and some candy sprinkles.  Nuts or dried fruits would work well too!  Use your imagination and make it fun!

Place the candy in the fridge for at least an hour, or until it hardens completely.

Halloween Candy Bark

When it’s ready, remove it from the pan and cut into assorted shapes!  Depending on the thickness of the chocolate, you might need to use a heavy chef knife to cut through the candy.  Be careful!

Halloween Candy Bark

Serve them on a fun plate or a cool napkin and let your little goblins eat them up!

Halloween Bone Bark
  • 1 Wilton Candy Bones Mold
  • 1 pkg Wilton White Candy Melts
  • 1 ½ cups assorted bite-size candy (or chopped candy of your choice)
  • 3 cups bittersweet chocolate chips
  1. Melt 28 pieces of White Candy Melts according to package directions.
  2. Pipe melted candy into Candy Bones Mold and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  3. Unmold candy bones and put them back in the refrigerator until ready to use.
  4. Line a half cookie sheet with parchment paper, leaving ends overlapping on all sides.
  5. Melt 3 cups of chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave, stirring until completely melted and smooth.
  6. Pour the melted chocolate onto prepared pan.
  7. Use an off-set spatula to smooth into an even layer approx ¼ inch thick.
  8. Remove candy bones from the refrigerator and place as desired on the melted chocolate, pressing lightly to ensure candy sticks to chocolate.
  9. Scatter additional candy around the bones.
  10. Place the pan in the refrigerator for at least an hour, or until the chocolate has hardened completely.
  11. Remove the bark from the refrigerator, lift it out of the try and slide it on to a cutting board.
  12. Carefully cut the bark into odd-size pieces, depending on how you laid out the candy bones,try to include at least one bone piece in every section!
  13. Serve immediately or store in an air-tight container in the fridge until you’re ready to serve them.
  14. Enjoy!
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