Melted Snowman Cookies

I came across these adorable Melted Snowman Cookies during my weekly internet quest for bowling snacks.

The moment I saw them, I knew I had to make them! They are so darn cute!! Plus, they are simple and easy to make! Between work and the craziness of the holidays, I’m all about “easy-to-make!”

Let’s gather a few things from the fridge and the pantry and get started!!


You know I didn’t even notice the cookie dough packages had two different covers on the front. Do you see how focused I was on creating these yummy cookies?! This picture shows the ingredients for TWO batches! (Y’all know I like cookies! Don’t judge!)

For ONE batch (approx 10-12 cookies), you’ll need:

1 package of Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie Mix, 10-12 large marshmallows, black decorating gel, your favorite white cookie icing (or use my recipe below!), Wilton decorating tips (I used a #16 star tip from Wilton) and your imagination! You can use Betty Crocker Cookie Icing or make your own. I used Betty’s Red, Green, and Blue!  I also used mini orange pieces from Wilton’s Rainbow Chip Crunch sprinkles for the noses, however you can also use mini M&M’s (nose will be flat) or a bit of orange frosting!

See, simple and easy! Would I lie to you?

Mix the cookie mix (does that sound weird to anyone else?) together, then take a small chunk (about the size of a golf ball) and flatten to about 1/4″-1/2″ depending on how thick you like your cookies. Remember, they are supposed to be melted snowmen so the more irregular the shapes are, the better the final product will be! Isn’t that just perfect for an Imperfect Kitchen? I think I love these cookies even more now!


Bake the cookies according to the package directions. Pull them out when they’re done and let them cool on a rack. When they are cool, ice the cookies with the back of a spoon and let some of the icing drip over the edge for that melting effect!


Spray a microwave safe plate with cooking spray and put the marshmallows on it. Cook on high for about 15-20 seconds. Watch the marshmallows carefully, you don’t want to let them get too fluffy.  Spray your hand with the cooking spray (Great tip!) and pull the marshmallows carefully off the plate and set them on the frosted cookies.


Some of my marshmallows fell over, but I just left them that way! I think it gives my cookies character. HA!

Start decorating! I found it easier to do the arms and faces first, then add the rest of the details.  For the arms, eyes and mouth, I used black piping gel.  It comes in a small tube and is easy to use for fine details.  Plus, I like the glossy look of the gel, it adds to the melting feel, don’t you think?



For the scarves and buttons, I used a variety of cookie frosting colors! I bought a set that came with different plastic piping tips that just screwed on to the cookie frosting tubes. (Thank you Betty Crocker, for making it easy!) however, if you don’t have those available in your supermarket, you can use a #16 star tip from Wilton and fill the frosting in your own decorating/piping bags.  The #16 tip  is nearly the same size and will give you the same look.

Aren’t they cute?

Ahhhh… I’m melting….

What? It’s going to get how hot?

For those noses, I used Wilton’s Rainbow Chip Crunch Sprinkles.  It comes in a container with lots of colors and I simply picked out the orange ones.  They have odd little shapes and I liked the character they brought to the cookies.  You can see I used a few of the other colors to make buttons too!


All together now!


I love, love, love these cookies! The only thing I would have changed, is my icing recipe. I didn’t have clear vanilla extract when I made them, so my cookies aren’t as bright white as they should have been. It would have made them even more adorable. When you do yours, get the clear vanilla extract or use white cookie icing!  Some readers even suggested using peppermint extract or almond extract to flavor the icing!  Great ideas!!

My simple icing recipe is:

1 cup powdered sugar
4 tsp milk
1 tsp clear vanilla extract (I used homemade vanilla extract and the icing was just a little off-color.)
1 TBLS Light Corn Syrup

Stir until smooth and ice your cookies!  The frosting doesn’t get hard like a Royal Icing does, but it stays soft and shiny (and delicious!)

You really should try these! They are fun to make and fun to eat too! I had a blast making them and will probably be making them again before the season is over. Make these as a family project on a cold night and you’ve got a perfectly sweet evening! Enjoy!


  1. These cookies are the first time my 13 year old said,”Mom, find this (your blog) and let’s make these cute cookies!” Thanks for the great idea and love your site!

  2. Am making and would love some ideas on how to ship safely thru the mail:) Thank you for any tips.

  3. My son and I are making these right now! They are so cute. Thanks for a great idea!

  4. I found these on Facebook with your link attached. I’m on batch #3 with these! I’ve sent them with my younger brother and they were a hit. I’m making 2 batches today for x-mas day and my family is so excited to see them all done! Great website and great icing recipe too! It was so easy to make and it tasted great too. I see what you meant by having clear vanilla extract and I’m trying that today. Thanks for the share :)

  5. I made these today with my 12 year old Godbrother so he can give these away as gifts for Christmas. These were such a creative idea and so easy. I used a different royal icing recipe but I loved decorating these and he loved helping. Apparently these were so popular that I have to make more to send to my aunt alllllll the way in NY (I am in FL) ha ha ha. I will keep these on hand.

  6. I am curious how the cookies turned out/tasted with using almond extract instead of vanilla in the icing? Also, how many cookies will the icing recipe cover? Thank you..Can’t wait to make these!

  7. That’s a great idea! How did they turn out?

  8. What is the best way to store these? I would need to make them 2 days ahead of when needed. Just a sealed container in the fridge?

  9. WhizKitchen says:

    Wow These Are Great!
    These were being sold at the craft fair this year!

    They Look so cute with only the eyes and arms too!

    They look great even with the bad icing!

  10. I’m so excited to make these for an upcoming Christmas Party December 14, 2013. Thank you so much for sharing. I made up 3 dozen pre baked sugar cookies and cannot wait to decorate. This will be so much fun…… This recipe gets me back in the mood for baking. Please share more great ideas.

  11. My son doesn’t like frosting and I really want him to try these cookies. Do you think that I could use any other substance for the frosting(melted snow)?

    • WhizKitchen says:

      I am not trying to be impolite but,

      How does your son not like icing?

      Well mabye he hasn’t really been exposed to it when he was very young but, that is like my friend, he doesn’t like hot coacoa or chocolate cake!

    • kathleen babbitt says:

      you could try marshmallow fluff? it’s either with the cookies and cake mixes or with the marshmallows. It’s a spreadable mashmallow.

  12. Nancy Williams says:

    Sara, You said you used mini M&M’s for the noses. How did you make them pointed? These are adorable!!! I’ll be making them tonight for a bake sale tomorrow. I’m thinking they’ll be the hit of the bake sale!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Barb Keates says:

    These are so cute! My grandsons birthday is in December and they would be a fun party treat! Wonder I’d this topping would work on cupcakes?

  14. Marilyn Tucker says:

    I don’t have clear vanilla, so I think I’ll use almond extract instead. Gotta have white snow :)

  15. Michelle Proper says:

    These are so adorable! Can’t wait to make these with the Grandkids! I love the pics you posted too! Expressions are priceless! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Suzette Maier says:

    These cookies remind me of my favorite comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes!

  17. bettypeters32 says:

    What is the best way to freeze cookies ahead. Also can you frost them before freezing

    • Hi Betty, I wouldn’t suggest frosting them first. Just make the sugar cookies per the directions on the package, then freeze in a single layer on a baking sheet until firm, then you can keep them well wrapped for a few months. Take them out when you’re ready to decorate! Have fun!

  18. Hi can these be glazed ahead of time then decorated the next day?

  19. Christine Bell says:

    How could these be made without artificial coloring?

    • You could use organic licorice laces, whips, and other organic candy and just cut them into the shapes and sizes you want for scarves, arms, etc. I Googled “candy with no artificial colors” and found online organic candy stores.

  20. These are adorable! I’m debating on making them with the daycare kiddos – or making them myself and giving them to their families as a Christmas gift. Hmmmmm

  21. The snow men r adorable my grandkid will love them. That’s what I like when u get down 2 the nitty gritty. Fix it forget because it doesn’t take that long to fix. Afterwards yummy thanks.

  22. Thank you for sharing this recipe, these cookies are so adorable that I’ll have to make them with my four year old granddaughter!

  23. Paula Pitner says:

    Super cute!

  24. Joan Watson says:

    I’m traveling north from Florida to visit family for Christmas and think these would be perfect gifts. My problem is that I’m traveling 10 days before the holiday. Will these “Florida Snowmen” last or will I need to make them while visiting?

    • Hi Joan, I would make them while you are visiting! It would be a fun family activity and that way you wouldn’t have to worry about the heads falling off or the decorations getting ruined! Enjoy your family Christmas!

  25. I love your recipes and concept for getting the kids involved in the kitchen.

  26. Kim Gisiner says:

    Liked the snowman melt

  27. How many cookies does this recipe make?

  28. So cute. The ideas get better every year!

  29. Boy! Oh! Boy! I can’t hardly wait 2shop 4 stuff 2make melting snowmen,AWESOMENESS!!THANX!!!!

  30. Wilton’s makes a black icing that comes in a bottle similar to Elmer’s glue.

  31. Therest Segears says:

    Can’t wait to try this with my granddaughter.

  32. How did you get the m&ms to stay on?

  33. You can use almond extract, it’s clear!

  34. These are so cute. Where did you get the black icing for the eyes and arms? Thanks

  35. They look great!!!! will make some for our church events :)

  36. I’m gonna make these! :)

  37. Love these and I am soooo going to make them! :-) Can not wait, the kids will just love these. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Robin Teague says:

    hi. how did you stick the mini m&ms to the marshmallows? did you dip them into the icing then apply?

  39. Ok, I’m a novice at this sort of stuff. What do you use for the black, red, blue, green icing decorations?

    • Hi Janet! It was a package of cookie icing I found at the store. Pre-made in tubes. There was a decorating kit that was sold right next to it, with four tips that just screw on the tubes of frosting! That’s it!

  40. Just curious, did you make the black icing you used for the arms? the arms and eyes look to be the same icing but the mouths look different….


  41. I actually like the look better with not using the CLEAR vanilla. The reason is they are melting snowmen. I have seen the pics on other websites. I am sure they used the clear, because it is bright white. But this way gives a watery look to them, like they are actually melting.

  42. Halley Johnson says:

    Wow thanks for the recipe!!! And yes they are so cute! :) I am actually 12 years old and all I usually do is COOK!! I just love to cook.. But I have one question….. How did you make your frosting soft? :) Again, thanks for this recipe!! :)

  43. Hi,
    Do these cuties freeze?
    If not, how long do they keep?
    and do you refrigerate to keep fresh?

    I’m thinking of my Grands making them for favors at our large
    Thanksgiving Dinner …

    Help :)

    • Hi Barbara,

      You can freeze the cookies themselves, but not after they’ve been decorated. They will keep, well wrapped, for several days. You can refrigerate them, yes. It will keep the icing from running! Can’t have runny icing on melting snowmen! HA!

  44. janice sumner says:

    love this idea for gdau/Nana project;)
    ‘not the greatest “baker”! ‘confused by the picture showing the use of eggs & butter, but not mentioned in your instructions:(
    Are these part of the instructions from the Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie mix? Please help clarify, send to email above please.
    Thank you for your post! ‘hope I can figure it out b4 disappointing gdau;)

    • Hello Janice! Yes, the eggs and butter are what you need from on the back of the Sugar Cookie Mix! You don’t need anything else special, other than some time to have fun with your grandkids!

      • janice sumner says:

        thank u SO very much for your prompt reply! planning to grocery shop tomorrow for wk-end trip to vist dau/gdau.:)
        My gdau LOVES to “work” in the kitchen (she has her own “giraffe wisk”,personal apron, baker’s hat,etc.
        last yr. during my visit we made “miniature”‘”baby” pumpkin muffins & had a blast! (my dau. is SO into healthy food/no ‘junk’ food, I hope she will not ‘object’ to the cookies;)

  45. I’m just curious, out of one package of sugar cookie mix, you were able to make 10 cookies? I was thinking of making these for my children’s classes, but if a package only makes 10, I would need A LOT of packages. Either way, I will be making them, even if it is just for us at home. They are adorable, and I love sugar cookies! :)

    • Hi Brittney! To be fair, my cookies were fairly large! If you’re making them for kids classes, just cut the marshmallows in half and make the cookies smaller! Should be no problem to get at least 20 from a single package. Good luck! I’d love to see pictures when you’re done!

  46. These are adorable. One question: does the icing harden, or stay soft? I wonder about using royal icing.

  47. These are absolutely adorable! I love snowmen and defintely have to make these!

  48. BARBARA SILVA says:

    What a great idea for the coming Holiday season.
    I am going to try them as soon as possible.
    I would like to be one of your followers as I adore
    baking & cooking for my family & friends !
    Many thanks for your great web-site !

    Barbara Silva

  49. Josephine says:

    Can you please put me on your email list ??? I would really appreciate it!!!

  50. Joanna Bowyer says:

    If you want really white icing you can add white coloring made for an airbrush. It would make the icing as white as the marshmallows!
    You could also use fruit roll-ups for the scarves(cut in halves or thirds length-wise). Candy(mini m&ms) for the buttons perhaps for 3-D . They are adorable and I will definitely make them this year for my family. The grandchildren will love them!

  51. deena becker says:

    Hi, the simple icing recipe you give, does it harden like royal icing.

  52. Nana Laabush says:

    I can’t wait until I have my granddaughter here and go to see my grandson to make these (I will need many extra M&Ms and marshmallows for my 2 year old granddaughter there) to make these! How much fun!
    Thank you for posting this!

    Cost isn’t a matter when you’re working with your grandchildren – it’s a priceless memory!

    Question: can you put the marshmallows on parchment paper to melt?

    Regardds, Laabush

  53. Mary Richards Kallman says:

    I’m thinking the scarves could be made from pull-apart Twizzlers licorice strips. They come in various colors. What do you think? I just love these cookies!

  54. Tanyathexrayer says:

    What are the arms done with? It doesn’t look like icing like the scarves, it has more of a gel look to it.

  55. Hands don't work says:

    For all the time it takes me to make them and to then clean up the mess…I figure about $50 buck a cookie would do it!

    • Barbara Jones says:

      Why not use canned icing? Forget mixing the icing – will save some mess. Just slather it on a cookie – even a premade one if you don’t want the mess of baking. I was thinking a chocolate cookie would look like dirt around the icing – and I prefer chocolate!
      It’s a cute idea and can be changed to suit you if you like it.

  56. Cynthia Gera says:

    Thank you. Always looking for more fun things to do with them..

  57. adorable! can’t wait to try!

  58. Jeannette Prendkijm says:

    So easy & cute will make with the grandchildren,

  59. Diane Pearce says:

    I’m preparing for a bazaar in 2 weeks and I would love to make and sell these?…how much would a reasonable selling price be?

    • Hi Diane! I wouldn’t know where to begin to suggest a price for your cookies. It depends on what you feel they are worth and what you think you might be able to get for them. I’d love to hear how it goes though! Please keep me updated!

      • OLDER AND WISER says:

        total the cost of materials, your time including prep, packaging and clean-up, electricity, or gas, transportation etc. then double it and divide by the number of cookies ! I think most places sell one like that for about $ 2.00 each, then you can donate any profit to your favorite charity.

  60. sandra snyder says:

    I will make these when our family has our annual Christmas bake day.

    I am looking for a clown cookie any one have one.

    Also for cookies that ship well. Our American Legion Auxiliary Units make cookie to ship to our service men and women.

  61. What kind of icing did you use for the arms/nose vs the scarves? As the arms look shiny and thinner. And what icing tips on your bags?

    • Hi Sonja! I used black decorating gel for the arms and nose. It comes in a small tube and I simply used the tip that was on the tube. Nothing special and no icing tips involved. The scarves, I used a decorating kit, with plastic tips that fit the tubes of decorator icing! I hope that helps!

  62. sandi bell says:

    These are so cute! I think I will try it with peppermint extract! It’s clear and I really like the taste! What do you think?

  63. Karen Morrison says:

    Great job. They look like so much fun, I will try them, fun things to do with grandkids.
    Thanks Debbie

  64. Pat Kinzie says:

    These are really cute. I’ll have to try them this year with the grandchildren.
    Thanks – Pat

  65. Tina Danelius says:

    I can’t wait to try these. Last year I started a new annual cookie baking day with with my daughter, nieces and sister. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Do you have any other fun recipes that you can share that are just as fun?

    Thanks again,

  66. These are fabulous! And looks like even I could make them! :-)

  67. Love your idea! Hint: If you don’t have clear vanilla for the icing you can use a small amount of almond extract.

  68. Hi!
    Just letting you know, I made these cookies last year and I used almond extract in the icing (which is always clear) instead of vanilla because I prefer the flavor and everyone LOVED them! Just as an alternative to going out and buying clear vanilla :).

  69. dolores dominguez says:

    Awesome recipe, my grandson love cookies, so it will be a project for us to do one afternoon after school. He is 7, and loves to try new things. He can suprise his mommy when she gets out of work with a snack he helped make.

  70. These are so adorable I’m going to make some for my grand kids
    thank you so much for sharing

  71. Audrey Sherbino says:

    I hope this connects me to you and your delightful recipes. I am going to make the snowman sugar cookies with my grand kids.

  72. Lisa Mellas says:

    Looks so good and cool

  73. Ginny Schaeffner says:

    I teach preschool and absolutely love these snowmen. Will be making them for my family for Christmas and for my kids in school when i do a snowman unit in January – thanks for sharing!

  74. A sweet friend of mine back home in the U.S. (I’m in East Africa) put this cookies on FB I fell in love. I hoe to get all the ingredients here and make them. As I live and adopted many orphans, this will be a HIT. I can already see the sparkle in there sweet eyes!

  75. Cass Sherrick says:

    I saw this cookie on facebook and fell in love with it. I’m the grandmom of 14 and this will definitely be a hit at our Christmas dinner. Thank you for the idea and directions.

  76. I’m thinking this would be great for our Cub Scout Christmas party!

  77. Cathy Hicks says:

    I am going to share this recipe with teacher at school who does a weekly after-school cooking class for the kids that sign up. I know my 8 year old grand-daughter, Sabrina, will think these are great so we’ll also make a batch at home for the holidays. Thanks for sharing !

  78. Will have to make with grandkids. I will have to make
    some changes to cookie dough and icing. My grandson is allergic
    to milk but where there is a will there is a way. And let them decorate them by themselves. Kids have an imagination untapped!!!
    Thanks for the idea.

  79. Hi!! These are adorable!! You are such a creative person!! Well, I am not a baker, so don’t laugh at my! You say 1 bag of cookie mix but the pic shows 2. Do you use 1 or 2 bags. Also, you said mix the cookie mix together. Do you mean mix the 2 bags together and prepare as the directions say on the bag..or follow directions on one bag and mix one bag? TY!!!!! :)

    • Hi Kathy! I’m not laughing at all! You are right to question the picture because it does look like I used two packages, and the directions aren’t so clear. You are making me a better blogger! Thank you for that! Each bag of cookie dough uses one egg and butter. One bag will make about 10 cookies. I simply followed the directions on the back of the package for mixing the dough together. I made one batch to see how they would turn out, then made another batch once I’d gotten the “hang” of it. Does that help?

  80. I just had to comment. These are the most adorable cookies. I got a real belly laugh out of them. Now I will have to make them too!

  81. stephanie says:

    these are just adorable and I am going to make them for the neighborhood candle party. the thing is how do you store these cookies? I don’t think you can put them on top of each other can you? thanks for any advice you can give me.

    • Hi Stephanie! No, you can’t put them on top of each other or the marshmallows will get squished. I would line your biggest cookie sheet with aluminum foil and put them on top of that to transport them to your party! Good luck! I’d love to see how they turn out! Please share pictures!

  82. I love these!!! Thanks so much for the great idea. I am going to make them for my Kindergarten class. They are too adorable not to share :)

  83. You could use a thinned royal icing as well; that wouldn’t turn as grey even using brown vanilla. These are adorable!


  85. Sabrina Wolff says:

    Love these

  86. as i type in my comment i look up and see not a Fall,, but a winter scene out my windows..yeppers,, it is snowing..Big ..fat this cookie recipe is just the thing for today..i soooo wish the grands didn’t have school..they could come out here and help me make these..We will definitely be doing these..Gonna have some fun making these baby’s…

  87. How do you make round mimi M&Ms look like pointy carrot noses? I got them but can’t figure it out!

  88. These are adorable! Have you tried making these in advance or storing them in fridge or freezer? I’ve got three kids all wanting these for their classmates at Christmas!! :D

  89. laura reyes says:

    Love your Christmas baking ideas..My kids n I will be making the Nutter butter reindeer recipe tomorrow…Lets see how they come out…

  90. says:


  91. These are absolutely adorable! I sent this to my daughter. what a great proeject for “kids day” when we all get together and make things for the holiday! Thank you!!!

  92. Great ideas for those w/ young kids/ grandkids – or if just too busy to get fancy! Thanks – great foodie ideas here! Bookmarked it. <3
    – Mary

  93. I am making these with my class of pre-kindergartners…they will LOVE them!

  94. I am making these with my class of pre-kindergartners…they will LOVE them!

  95. Thank you for this inspiration. We see them as little Mr. Bill’s saying OOOoooh nooooo! And thank you back to the original posting blog for giving you the inspiration!

  96. Colleen Powell says:

    Im gonna make these, one for each basket of goodies for family and friends at Christmastime!……….and I followed your link to your homemade Ricotta too, Love it!

  97. love them!

  98. Way tooooooooooooooooo cute!! Love love!!

  99. Those are so funny and so cute!!! Love it, they really do look like warm snow men :)

  100. Oh my gosh, these are SUPER cute! Totally made me smile. :)

  101. These cookies are SO FUNNY!!! I might just have to make them :)

  102. Pamela Wilbur says:

    How about a marshmellow fondant? You can warm the fondant before decorating the cookie to have a dripping effect.

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