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Over the last few days, I’ve found myself very contemplative of the coming new year.  What do I want for 2015? I’ve never been one for resolutions. Every time I make one, I never follow through. By February things are right back to where they were in the days before said resolution. For most, January comes full of confidence and bravado to change the world.  A New Year brings new promises of how we’d “like” things to be.  Well, I’ve come to the realization we get those opportunities every day.  Every morning is a new opportunity to change.  Every decision is a chance to do something differently. Why do we wait until January or a Monday to resolve to live the life we want? I want a life that’s healthy, whole, confident and FUN!

I’ve been tremendously blessed the last part of this year to stay home to try to create a living by blogging. Can I be honest? It has not been financially successful. I’ve traveled, been to conferences, made great contacts and had some wonderful opportunities. None of it has put money in the bank.  In fact, it cost money to do these things.  Seems counter-productive, doesn’t it?  It did, until I realized the experiences were worth far more than cash in my pocket. Experiences may not pay the electric bill, but it was still very valuable!

Food Fight Write Vegas

I learned I was trying to hang on to something that wasn’t my true hearts desire, trying to market something that wasn’t truly ME. Every time someone asked me about my blog, I’d choke up, never knowing how to explain it. Yes, I love to cook. Yes, it’s a blog about food.  Yes, I want to write and share what I learn and highlight the dishes I make for my family. But, I’ve been ignoring the signs from the universe to make bigger changes and take bigger risks. In order to make the life I want, with the job I want and still be able to follow my dreams, there has to be change. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s not necessarily a resolution either. It’s a decision. A realization of what’s really important. Coming to that realization has been a great learning experience too! So, what are these changes?  I _need_ to lose weight. Not just a few pounds, but a lot of them. My health and well-being need to be a priority.  Is it selfish to put myself first?  No. If I’m only taking care of other people and catering to what other people think I should be doing, how is that a benefit to me?  Answer: it isn’t.  Time to shift priorities.  Maybe make a change or two, or five or seven!  It’s very exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  So changing my weight means changing the way I eat.  And those bigger risks?  Well, you’ll be hearing more about those very soon!  My inside voice says I’m crazy, but heart says “GO FOR IT!” Guess which one I’ll be following?  ;-)


What does it all mean?  Over the next few months, you’ll be seeing changes in my blog.  I’ll be sharing more of my personal journey, the things I’m thinking and experiencing, as well as the things I’m cooking.  Healthier! More flavorful. Little changes that will make a big difference.  It’s not going to be pretty or perfect, but that’s never what this blog has been about.  I’ll still be taking food field trips and having plenty of food-centric adventures!  Life is about balance.  My life. My terms. My food. MY way! I’m going back to interviewing the amazing people I’ve been blessed to meet, and I’ll be learning.  Always learning!


I hope you’ll join me on my hearts adventures!  It’s going to be a hell of a journey!


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  1. Yes, this blogging business takes a lot of soul searching, doesn’t it? Good luck finding the direction that works for you, Sara! And Happy New Year. May 2015 bring you many blessings and much happiness.

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