How did I spend my Sunday? You’d think I’d spend it in My Imperfect Kitchen creating something amazing, right? I didn’t. What? How can that be? You people are only here for the food, right? (Cheesy movie reference – who knows what it’s from?) Well, I took the afternoon off! Yes, just the afternoon, don’t worry! We are BBQ’ing pizza tonight and I promise to take pictures. What did I do on this lazy Sunday afternoon then? I spent it glued to my laptop, reading blogs. I read everything from frozen fries to fromage, granola to grains and grapes, a cute post about “Canning Chaos” (which included a picture of a very messy kitchen that made me smile!)  I saw pictures of what bored children do with duct tape. (Seriously, you have to love Moms who take blackmail pictures and post them on the web.) I found inspiration, motivation and lots of memories of 9/11.

Quietly underneath all the pictures and posts, I discovered we’re all pretty much the same. We’re people who just want to connect, share and be united through this weird and wonderful thing we call “The Internet.” There are so many folks out there doing what I’m doing – writing and creating. They all have their voices. Several of them have a new follower… (Hi! I’m the Sara who left a comment on your blog today!) and they all serve the purpose of making their authors joyful in sharing.

So now I will take my joyful self back to the kitchen to get ready for dinner! I promise to share later too! I hope you all had a great weekend and took some time to remember 9/11.

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    1. Hi, Katherine! Thanks for stopping by here too! We are all fine and dandy – actually completely across the Atlantic AND the USA. I’m in California. :-) If you like the pictures, there are more on Facebook! Have a delicious week!

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